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The Local Optimist: Madhappy’s Newest Platform for Mental Awareness

Feb 7, 2020

The Local Optimist: Madhappy’s Newest Platform for Mental Awareness

Madhappy, the brand that’s coined a mission on pushing the dialogue for mental health awareness through fashion, has launched its newest outlet to further extend their purpose, The Local Optimist.  With a minimal, yet effective platform that lays out to an aesthetic of  the early 2000’s internet era, The Local Optimist is an extension of open arms to viewers who seek to discover additional positivity and advice on anything mental health.  

The platform doesn’t serve as your typical media outlet. With editorials and interviews from notables like Bobby Hundreds, writer Farley Elliott, and more, the reads are centered on mental well-being through the perspective of these individuals. Their “Toolkits” section is the arm that focuses on providing verified and researched-back information on how to overcome certain humps one can experience when they’re feeling not at their best. Outside from their online window, The Local Optimist also engages with the community through in-person events like panel discussions and meditation classes to further their dynamic conversation on the topic.



Madhappy and The Local Optimist are changing the rhetoric about mental disease into a safe, vulnerable, and cool way. We don’t need to bury how we feel anymore, and the platform wants to ensure that it’s acceptable to bring these feelings up towards the surface.