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The Fallout From Charlottesville and Steve Bannon’s Departure feat. Comedian Quincy Jones

Host Teddy Tutson breaks down the turmoil plaguing President Trump following his inability to forcefully condemn the actions of Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville. Plus, the details on why Steve Bannon was dismissed from The White House, and a chat with comedian Quincy Jones about the battle over Confederate statues, Tina Fey’s “sheetcaking” movement, and more.


Domestic Terrorism In Charlottesville feat. Comedian Eddie Pence (08.14.17)

Host Teddy Tutson takes a closer look at the circumstances that led to tragedy in Charlottesville, VA, where white supremacists and Nazis held a political rally that ended with multiple deaths. Plus, a conversation with comedian Eddie Pence about the Google Memo, raising kids in the Era of Trump, and how discussing politics has changed in White America.

For more on Eddie Pence visit his site, and follow him on Instagram + Twitter.


The War On Leaks, White House Staff Shakeup feat. Comedian Josh Denny (08.07.17)

President Trump and the White House are reeling following a leak of the president’s conversations with the Mexican and Australian heads of state. Host Teddy Tutson takes a look at how embarrassing the transcripts are for Trump, as well as Jeff Sessions’ efforts to end leaks once and for all. Also, a look at the president’s new chief of staff, and the latest developments in Robert Meuller’s ongoing investigation. Plus, comedian Josh Denny chats about the challenges of being a libertarian, and his issues with the documentary, What The Health.

For more on Josh Denny, follow him on Instagram + Twitter.


Health Care Vote-A-Rama and the Transgender Soldier Ban feat. Comedian Emilia Barrosse (07.31.17)

Host comedian Teddy Tutson gives a recap of the latest whirlwind of Senate votes on repealing the Affordable Care Act, and the Republicans who thwarted Mitch McConnell’s plans. Also, a look at the potential ban on transgender persons from serving in the military, and a chat with comedian Emilia Barrosse about the larger than life character populating The White House.

For more on Emilia, follow her on Instagram + Twitter.


White House Woes feat. Comedian Tamer Kattan (07.24.17)

Following the latest Congressional Budget office score, host Teddy Tutson takes a look at the most recent developments in Senate Republicans’ quest to pass a health care bill. Plus, Donald Trump’s explosive interview with New York Times, and the latest personnel changes at the White House. And comedian Tamer Kattan joins the show to talk about the collision between comedy and politics while performing on the road.

For more on Tamer Kattan, follow him on Instagram + Twitter.


Trumpcare On The Ropes and Don Jr.’s Fateful Meeting (07.17.17)

Host Teddy Tutson takes a look at the state of play surround the Senate Republicans health care bill, and who will join Susan Collins and Rand Paul in killing the legislation. Plus, an examination of Donald Trump Jr.’s changing story about his meeting with Russian government connected lawyer, and more in the News Blitz.


North Korea’s Mounting Tensions + G-20’s Options (07.10.17)

Host Teddy Tutson takes a look at North Korea’s recent successful test of their first intercontinental ballistic missile and the increasingly bad options for the world if the country develops nuclear arsenal. Plus, a look at the fallout from the 2017 G-20 summit and the impact of the United States’ diminished global standing on negotiations, and an examination of how states are reacting to voter data requests by President Trump’s voter integrity commission. And in the News Blitz: Jay-Z’s new album goes platinum, but is the method behind legit; Chris Christie’s beach house blues, and an update on the health care bill making its way through the Senate.


The Health Care Thunderdome

In the first episode of The Catch Up, host Teddy Tutson takes us through the Republican-controlled Congress, like how the Senate and House bills compare to the Affordable Care Act, the current state of play of the Senate bill, and what happens if Mitch McConnell can’t find the votes. Plus, a look at the international opinion of the United States in the Trump era, Facebook’s new original content service, and the latest on Making A Murderer’s Brendan Dassey.