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Atiba Jefferson

This week on New Rules we welcome Atiba Jefferson, one of the most well known and respected skate photographers of all time. Jason Stewart talks to him about his entrepreneurial side more so though, he’s an investor in quite a lot of businesses ranging anywhere from dive bars to coconut water. He explains how he’s able to juxtapose his disciplined work schedule with his equally disciplined bar hopping and nacho eating lifestyle.


Jayne Min AKA stopitrightnow

Jayne Min is known for her very popular blog and internet presence under the name “Stopitrightnow.” Jason Stewart speaks with her about how different she is from her online persona, the benefits of being right on the cusp of the internet age, and how amassing fame and selling out is different than it used to be. We learned about the importance of saying now, her fringe activities, and some ASMR at the end.


Alex James of PLEASURES

This episode of New Rules is with Alex James from the very on trend clothing brand PLEASURES. Jason Stewart and him have a chat about the origin of his brand, how growing up in Jersey in the hardcore and punk scene influences his design eye, how they got so big in Korea, bootleggers, and loyal fans battling haters in the comments section.


Flynn McGarry

Flynn McGarry has been cooking for 10 years and he’s only 18-years-old. The owner of Dining with Flynn talks La Croix, Los Angeles versus New York, and more with our host, Jason Stewart.


Fred & Max Guerrero of Slow Culture and Burgerlords

Fred & Max Guerrero have grown up working in the restaurant business with their parents in and around Los Angles for the better part of their lives. They’ve recently branched out with their own restaurant, Burgerlords, and their own art gallery, Slow Culture. Jason Stewart sat down with them to chat about their journey to how they got to where their are, diving deep into the restaurant business model and how that compares to an art gallery.


Nicholas Morgenstern of Morgenstern’s Ice Cream

This week Jason Stewart sat down with Nicholas Morgenstern at his office in Little Italy, New York City. Nick is the man responsible for the extremely popular Morgenstern’s Ice Cream Shop here in New York. They chat about his origins of getting in the ice cream game, hanging with Mario Batali, swimming every morning, growing up watching bootleg copies of Iron Chef Japan, and a detailed look into the creation of his favorite ice cream flavors.


Tom Lehman of Genius

Tom Lehman is the CEO and co-founder of Jason Stewart dropped by their Brooklyn offices to chat with him about how he got his start building the company, meditation, ceramics, plans for the future of, pivoting from a website explaining rap lyrics to annotating everything in the world, his dreams of podcasting, and new ways of experimenting with explaining the world around us.



This week Jason sits down the guys from Pizzaslime. Mysterious men from Los Angeles responsible for their own clothing line, branding and marketing, music videos, and of course some memes. We chat about their origins as a company, making the shift from leaving your day job to pursuing your own project full time, what they’ve got coming up next, and what they learned on the way.


Brad Holdgrafer of Formerly Yes

Jason Stewart chats with Brad Holdgrafer. A Los Angeles based designer, art director, and with his wife, owner of the DTLA store “Formerly Yes.” They cover his journey of how he got to where he is today, living on a boat, his definition of good design, the process of starting his own business after working for other companies like Apple, Media Arts Lab, and Wieden Kennedy.


Ari Taymor of Alma

This week Jason Stewart speaks with Ari Taymor. Chef, and co-owner of the Los Angeles based restaurant Alma. They discuss Ari’s career journey to where he is today, how we should be eating and why, and some of his easiest and hardest dishes to perfect.