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Garrick Bernard

Air Buds is back for a 25th installment! We talk about these boring ass playoffs and get WAY off topic, then predict a Cavs sweep way too early. (It’s our recording schedule, to be honest.) Then we welcome our guest Garrick Bernard (tremendous comic, writer, and internet personality) to talk about male rompers, Lonzo Ball, and then we debate whether Kobe or LeBron is better for like 20 minutes. Frankly, this is a very good episode.


Andy Lawton

The Air Buds are back with the brand new flavor in your ear. This week, we welcome bona fide Tinder daddy Andy Lawton to the pod! (He works at Tinder.) We talk all about the playoffs, James Harden’s incredible no-show, Andy’s favorite NBA-themed rap lines, and in a shocking twist, Mike seems to go harder for LeBron than Peter. Then we go down a long and winding road with Andy about working at Tinder, fighting misogyny on dating apps, and nightmare dating stories. This is a Fun episode, guys.


Matt Hobby

The Air Buds are back to talk some ball with actor/comedian Matt Hobby! We get deep into the second round of the playoffs, as boring as they are, despite being a day behind due to our recording schedule. All of our predictions prove true!! So far. Shit is real. Listen and love us.


Jake Densen

The Air Buds welcome Hollywood big shot/gambling expert Jake Densen to the show to talk the first round of the playoffs. It’s a fun one!


Chinedu Unaka

Air Buds 21 is here and the hilarious comedian Chinedu Unaka is filling in as the third Bud while Peter is out with Coachella-itis. We talk about the first round of the playoffs (kind of), debate the most ugly/handsome players in the league, and Chinedu makes an absolutely ludicrous case for why Luke Walton should win Coach of the Year. Then we attempt an Air Buds first and watch the last minute of the Cavs/Pacers game 4 live on the air, but it just ends up causing technical difficulties. But we rebound nicely!


Playoff Preview

The NBA Playoffs are here, little babies! Jamel is stressed as hell about it, Peter is acting like he’s actually on the Cavs, and Mike is just excited to watch post-season ball. The Buds break down the first round matchups, come up with a new segment about Mike’s insane crushes, and discuss how messed up it is that airlines can just murder their passengers now. Sorry the episode is late!


Hello! or Hell No! Pt. 2

The Air Buds are without Jamel again, and Peter and Mike do another round of our patented Hello! or Hell No! We talk about Draymond Green punching James Harden’s injured wrist, the Sixers’ unheralded improvement, and then go very deep on how depressing the Clippers are. Follow us on social media, @airbudspod across all platforms. We love you.

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#CarJamDunks with Nikki Jagerman

The Buds welcome friend of the show and podcast pro Nikki Jagerman to discuss Kendrick Lamar rapping about Russell Westbrook, appropriate workplace relationships with Blake Griffin, and whether or not Lola Bunny was flirty. Then, Nikki issues a challenge to our listeners: if you film yourself slam dunking a basketball through the sun roof of a car and tweet the video to us with the hashtag #CarJamDunks2017, then we’ll do¬†your laundry!


Peter’s Dad

Air Buds 17 is here! The Buds welcome back Jamel from injury reserve as they go on to speculate on rumors about the Warriors’ problems, discuss how the Rivers family is all-around screwing the Clippers, and then do their first annual Non-Playoff Preview that mostly veers off into in-arena entertainment critiques (The Memphis Grizzlies are the best in that regard, BTW). Then the Buds welcome Peter’s dad, Barry Moses, to talk about how the Clippers and Lakers should play in The Forum, the best players-turned-executives, and Mike tries to embarrass Peter a little bit. Shout out to Peter’s mom!


Hello! or Hell No!

Air Buds 16 is here, and it’s a little tiny cute short guy! Scheduling snafus prevented the trio from being together, but Peter and Mike play a 20-minute round of “Hello! or Hell No!” in which they go over some NBA stories and decide whether they care about them. Peter tries to talk Mike off a ledge about Joel Embiid, they discuss whether they should start worrying about the Cavs, and the guys try to lure Lonzo Ball away from his dad with pizza and edibles. Enjoy!