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WWW. (07.10.17)

Jul 14, 2017

WWW. (07.10.17)

Every week we search the internet to bring you the best headlines—all in one place.

Kendrick Lamar by Dave Chappelle

Interview is really good at setting up interviews. For their latest cover story, they recruited Dave Chappelle to interview the rap superstar, Kendrick Lamar. The two didn’t just discuss Kendrick’s recent album, but also their shared travel stories and the importance of social responsibility.


Via Interview

Raf Simons Talks Blade Runner, Chinatown, and Taking Selfies With Fans 

Go ahead and take a look at Raf Simons’s latest runway show. You’ll have questions you wish you could ask him. GQ was lucky enough to chat with the fashion industry leader. And the behind-the-scenes photos are just as compelling as his commentary.

Via GQ

Here’s What Needs to Happen for VR to Go Mainstream

VR is the new tech everyone is talking about and demonstrating. Is VR going to ever be accessible to the masses? This story outlines what needs to happen in order for VR to go mainstream and sadly, it seems like its a long way away.



Via Fast Company

Black Mirror‘s “San Junipero” Nominated For Two Emmys and We’re Crying

This is important. Even though Black Mirror is an all-around amazing show, the “San Junipero” show is especially significant because it is a love story about queer women. This kind of story very rarely gets covered and it’s enthralling storyline is actually getting the attention it deserves.


Via HuffPost

Divorce Isn’t a Good Reason for Treason. Try Again

In case you missed it, emails were leaked between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian source before the US election. The source wanted to meet, promising scandalous information about his Dad’s rival, Hillary Clinton. The president’s son can’t deny the meeting took place, but he can make up a lame reason. Apparently he thinks his divorce was reason enough to commit a major crime against the country.