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Wellness Articles

A Much-Needed Health Check In with Nutrition Guru Bianca Valle

Nov 11, 2019

A Much-Needed Health Check In with Nutrition Guru Bianca Valle


Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to seem like a luxury. As a society we have collectively walked away from the simplicity that can be wellness. Wellness has been misconstrued to come with a big price tag or be seen as a time suck. But in the end, if we don’t feel good how can we even do any of our other tasks in life, how can we be productive if we aren’t feeling healthy?


You’ve heard it one thousand times, all the time, everyday, by everyone. But it’s just so true; water can really help you lead a more energized and comfortable life. Imagine your insides are like the drain pipes of a kitchen sink. When they get slow or clogged, they need a little fluid to get things moving and flowing. Think of water like this and you will never double think hydration again.


Many people overlook how much stress impacts your body’s functioning. Not finding a place of peace or a way to manage your stress levels can lead to acne, weight gain, bad digestion and difficulty sleeping. You can eat whole and natural, and exercise often, but if cortisol is constantly being released in your body, your body won’t be able to operate in a healthy way.


Eliminating Processed foods from your daily intake could also make a big difference in how you feel. Energy Bars and chips and candy are filled with chemicals and preservatives that our bodies truly weren’t meant to digest. When our digestive system is slowed down, so is the rest of our bodies. These foods are never fully broken down nor are all of their components fully used for energy. Consider only eating nutrient-rich foods that give your body usable energy and you’ll feel a noticeable difference.


Our bodies thrive with a little movement everyday. Whether it’s walking, running or swimming, giving your body a chance to release new chemicals and perhaps use some excess energy is never a bad thing. I know we all dread the gym or excessive cardio, but that doesn’t have to rule you! I recommend even just 30 minutes a day can keep you and your body smiling.