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The Marijuana Renaissance

Apr 20, 2017

The Marijuana Renaissance



The last time I got stoned, I was given a perfectly shaped Lord Jones “Sigurberry” gummy that was precisely 5 MG of THC. An usher led me into a dimly lit studio sound stage at the music industry enclave, NeueHouse. Smoke swirled at my ankles and hovered above my head while I found a sheep’s skin rug and a cushion to lay on. Artist Juan Azulay‘s membrane-like sculpture hung from the high ceiling with glowing tentacles sprawled on all side. Underwear-clad tan  men shined in sheer robes, moving slowly through the crowd by candle light and incense. They were followed by Icelandic experimental band Sigur Ros.

As the high crept over the crowd like the smoke surrounding us, Jonsi and his band stepped behind a velvet curtain. The sculpture began to pulsate with white light and then the internationally-celebrated musicians played an original score, coordinated with the sculpture’s lighting movements–red echoed from the center and out to the tips while the bowed guitar washed over the room. Purple rippled with a falsetto, green echoed with a drum beat, and gold lights danced with the bass. At the very end, the lights turned on. Not only was my high sponsored by NeueHouse and Sigur Ros, but also Casper, who provided me with the cushion that added comfort to my session.

Needless to say, my experience with weed has changed from the days where I met a hooded dealer in the valley—preceded by a quick scan for cops and a handshake money-drug exchange. The entire industry has changed—at least in California. Since its 4/20, we’d like to celebrate the marijuana industry’s transformation with a few companies that are making the high times soar.



Stepping into a weed dispensary can be overwhelming. They all have tens of jars to pick from with names that are funny, but explain nothing about the array of highs that can be experienced. Canndescent trims and packages their flowers with descriptive names like “Calm” and “Create” so you have a better idea of how your medication will make you feel.


The biggest complaint about vapes are the packing and unpacking of either the buds or oil. Beboe has pre-filled vaporizers that are good looking and require no clean up because they’re single-use. They are measured precisely with 200 milligrams of Sativa and THC along with 40 milligrams of CBD.


These aren’t the pot brownies you’ve become accustomed to. The stylishly designed chocolate bars come in fun flavors like Hazelnut and Matcha. Each serving is perfectly measured, so you know exactly the dose you’re getting. For the ones who claim to have a gluten intolerance, they’re even gluten free.