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Melbourne’s Style Darling : Thalea Michos-Vellis

Jan 18, 2018

Melbourne’s Style Darling : Thalea Michos-Vellis


Melbourne's Style Darling : Thalea Michos-Vellis

A.K.A @EYE99

We’ve been firm fans of Melbourne based stylist Thalea Michos-Vellis for a while now. Her fantastically chic Instagram chronicles her various Prada-clad adventures down under, as well as her ever growing body of work for publications such as Metal and i-D. Some important facts – Thalea was named after Zeus’ eighth daughter, the muse of banquets, she has two pet cats and a lizard, and she’s a big fan of pizza. Here, she talks about the Australian fashion scene, her fantasy shoe, and her love of elaborate prints.

Describe your aesthetic – how did you develop your taste for certain fashions?

I think it is fairly O.T.T – I find it hard to invest thought or money into plain clothing, so I don’t seem to own slacks that fit or a starchy white shirt. My wardrobe is full of all-over prints and color. Perhaps the taste for the more intriguing designs developed at a young age? I spent a lot of time at markets rifling through peoples’ stalls – I suppose the more elaborate the piece is, the more I’m drawn to it.

What has been a pivotal shoot in your career?

Keeping within the shoe theme we seem to have going, the shoot Phebe Schmidt and I produced for Wonderland Magazine and Sergio Rossi is at the top of the list. It had a really good response and I’ll always love those images.

Who are some of the photographers you love working with? Why?

Phebe Schmidt and I have worked on some of my favorite shoots together. She has amazing core strength when getting that low angle shot. Hyun Lee is based in Sydney and it kills me that we can’t work together more frequently. Both Hyun and Phebe get “It” and the process has just become intuitive.

What do you want your work to say?

I suppose the answer to this is always changing. I’d like it to communicate a feeling of fantasy or dreaming. Or maybe don’t know how to answer this question yet!

Envision your perfect shoe, from heel to toe.

Nice… It’s forest green leopard print . It has as a small heel, a bit like a kitten heel but also a bit like Roger Vivier’s comma heel. Definitely has an open back and super square toe – like razor sharp, flat square toe. It has an ankle strap that’s studded that curls up to the knee. It’s also free and easy to walk in.

Who’s your design hero?

Miuccia Prada!

Who are the designers, both local and not, that you love to shoot / wear?

International labe ls I love to wear are Dries Van Noten, Prada and Miu Miu – there is never a dull moment with these brands. I love the time spent trying to source from a particular collection. Adding a piece you have been looking for for months to your digital shopping cart is very satisfying.

Local Australian label, Daisy.Tv, are my go to for a sexy dress.

There are lots of new designers coming out of Melbourne as well who I often borrow from for shoots! The designs are refreshing to the eye. One shoot coming out soon features designs by Jessie Kiely, Alex McQuire and Marley Sheridan. It should be up on Metal Magazine soon – watch this space!

What are some of the most exciting things happening in Australian fashion?

I’m sure it happens in a lot of cities but the offsite runways are always amazing. The lack of platforms for new designers and recent graduates to showcase their collections has really pushed for things to become Lo-Fi. This is what is on my radar.

How would you describe Melbourne’s art/design scene?

Tight knit, small and talented. In the same way the emerging fashion scene lacks the right platforms, the art scene seems to as well. Lots of new independent spaces have opened in the last few years, so artists can exhibit in these spaces. Punk Cafe and Irene Rose are definitely worth a visit if you come to Melbourne.

Who do you think is really stylish?

I’m just going to list a few! @dj_gigola, @jodiehill, @danaboulos, @ursinagysi @maryam_nassir_zadeh, and so many more I cannot remember!

What’s a goal you have for 2018?

In 2018 my goal is to travel to Europe and finally have a website up and running. Catch you on the Greek Islands later this year!

Check out Thalea’s Instagram