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Last minute Halloween costumes from LeftHand LA

Oct 25, 2018

Last minute Halloween costumes from LeftHand LA


Left Hand LA is no stranger to the allure of horror. The LA-based clothing label’s bespoke pieces pull inspiration from all things haunting, creating repurposed garments that keep the Halloween spirit alive year round. From diamond studded skulls to airbrush spiderwebbed denim, Left Hand continually finds unique ways to accent conventional silhouettes creating one of a kind looks. And if looks could kill, they would look like a machete-wielding Jason waiting around the very next corner.


Sticking to their distinctly DIY aesthetic, Left Hand fuses style with costume and shows us how you can slay the party on a budget that won’t cost you your life.
Devil in a New Dress: To complete this look, combine with stockings from your local costume shop, dollar store devil horns, and your best sexy heel.
Yeehaw Hunnie: Grab some chaps, a small leather vest and a and hit the town to wrangle a good time.
A toy gun for extra bang.
Grab a cowboy hat from your local dollar store.
Trap Queen: All you need is a lot of sparkle and a little edge. We combined a long glitter dress along with a princess tiara and rhinestone jewelry from Santee Alley.
To complete the look wear your favorite sneak or stiletto if you're that kind of trap queen.
Cupid: This could be the year for a match made in Halloween hell, but it’s up to cupid to let the arrow fly. A cute little undie set combined with wings will do the job.
To complete the look, make a bow and arrow or paint on some heart lips.
Insane Clown Posse: Grab your friends, some crazy colored wigs, and your best clown makeup. You can get costume makeup from CVS or even just use some eyeliner and lipstick to create your scariest clown face.
For your outfit, it’s time to bring out the rainbow in your closet.
Into The Groove: Get into the grooviest bell bottoms you can find and mix it with some fur or fringe. We found this neon robe at a vintage store and paired it with a swimsuit style top. Finish the look with some disco chains from the costume shop and some tinted shades.
Jailhouse Rock: For this look, Amazon is your friend for finding a cheap assortment of temporary tattoos to get that hard, inmate aesthetic.
Psycho Killer: We would highly recommend not using a knife from the 99-cent store like we did for this look. A toy knife will do much better, and you can add some fake blood for effect.
The striped long sleeve and cut off denim complete this creepy look. Grab mask is from the 99-cent store.
Pretty in Pink Fairy: To complete the look, add some sparkly makeup or possibly a cute ass wig.
Come Play with Us: Twins are cool, creepy twins are next level.
Dresses from Left Hand LA.