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Actually, It’s Actually Huizenga

Dec 8, 2017

Actually, It’s Actually Huizenga


Actually, it's Actually Huizenga

Actually Huizenga is a Los Angeles based musician whose style lives somewhere between Death Metal and Barbarella. As an artist, she plays with daring makeup looks to transform herself into a goth girl dream. Dana Boulos sat down with Actually to discuss her makeup inspiration and about her new music project, PATRIARCHY.


Tell me about your name and where you’re from. 
I’m from Los Angeles and my name is Ashley but whenever I heard someone say actually it reminded me of my name so I decided to go with it.


What is your new music project?
PATRIARCHY is my new band. I chose a poisoned word but I wanted to make it my own. I just released a music video which I produced, directed, and edited called, “Sweet Piece of Meat” and we are releasing an EP called, “From Reverence to Rape” with a cool Australian label called Dero Arcade early next year.


How did you get into music?
Piano lessons & church choir, if you can believe that! But after 12, it was all due to Bowie.


What inspires you with the looks that you create?
Being alone and being with others. History books in lonely libraries, from ancient Babylonian studies to ancient Greece to Hollywood Babylon. Films, especially good ones. Music, especially music written without profit in mind. Architecture, animals in nature, wild natural habitats as well as controlled nature like parks and gardens. Museums, especially art museums. Cemeteries and more…


I think having makeup melt can be the most beautiful thing to see on stage. 
When it comes to beauty what do you use to create your own looks on stage? 
I’m not usually into any specific brands. I find costume makeup to be the best for me, especially how rich the colors can be. I buy all my costume makeup on Amazon. I find my daily look to be inspired by Marie Antoinette. I’ve always loved looking at paintings and noticing the pastel colors mostly on her cheeks.  Sometimes I like to brush the pink shade into my hair when applying it (on my face.) I’ve always found gothic makeup to be so beautiful and tend to go for strong black paint around my eyes. I think having makeup melt can be the most beautiful thing to see on stage.

Are there colors you go for?

Opal is a big one. Can that be a color? Perhaps now, I’m delving more into the colors of medieval stained glass- thick blue, yellow, green, red, black. At least for the video I’m shooting this weekend those are the inspo-colors!


Describe your beauty/costume inspiration when performing. 
With my last band, I’d say Ilona Staller aka Cicciolina was a big inspiration…and now it’s more about ancient civilizations, patriarchal symbols of abuse, corpse paint….We live in a world where woman get taken advantage of and I want to stand up and let my voice be heard.
What advice can you give to young girls out there trying to start their own music project? 
If it makes you feel alive, then don’t give up. Being happy is NOT easy. Stop complaining. Don’t sacrifice yourself to be popular. Oscar Wilde said, “To be popular one must be a mediocrity.” So, just remember that! It is much easier to be popular than to be yourself. Finding one’s Self is a lot of  work and most humans will never possess it.