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Netflix’s October Additions Will Make for a Scary Good Time

Oct 4, 2017

Netflix’s October Additions Will Make for a Scary Good Time

October is the month for carving pumpkins, binging on Halloween candy, and scaring yourself to death in front of a scary movie; naturally, Netflix has outdone themselves on the original content front once again. From Raw’s tale of cannibalism to a whodunit documentary about LGBTQ activist Marsha P. Johnson to the second season of everyone’s new favorite sci-fi series Stranger Things, this month is packed with unsettling stories and mysterious happenings. Plus, if you’re not into the monsters under the bed bit, Christina P’s stand-up, titled Mother Inferior, provides this month’s comic relief with female stand-up comedy, one of our favorite things in this world.


Julia Ducournau’s Raw is not for the faint of heart; the French language film details first-year veterinary school student Justine’s journey from strict vegetarian to full-fledged cannibal in one of the creepiest coming-of-age stories of the season. When Justine arrives at vet school, she is forced to eat a raw kidney as part of a hazing ritual for first-year students, and after tasting meat for the first time, Justine experiences increasingly strong urges to eat raw flesh. Gory subject matter aside, perhaps the most impressive element of Ducournau’s film is the realistic take on Justine’s humanity despite her cannibalistic tendencies, forcing viewers to relate to her right until the bitter end (or however the end is supposed to taste).

The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson

Premiering on October 6th, The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson is half documentary, half true crime drama. The film documents the life and activism of Marsha P. Johnson, a monumentally influential activist in the LGBTQ community of the 70s. Marsha and her friend Sylvia Rivera participated in the 1969 Stonewall Riots, and dubbed the “Mayor of Christopher Street,” Marsha was regarded overall as a heavily influential contributor by those in the community. When Marsha’s body was found floating in the Hudson River, the police dubbed it a suicide; however, several questions remained unanswered, and those who knew Marsha asserted that suicide couldn’t have been the case. Director David France also uses the documentary to highlight the struggles of the LGBTQ community in a wider sense, artfully portraying many of the disadvantages and stigmatizations faced by members of the community to this day.

Stranger Things: Season 2

It’s back and spookier than ever–the second season of Stranger Things. Arriving this month, the season begins around Halloween 1984, about a year after the end of season 1. Will has returned from the world of the Upside Down, and the list of monsters to hunt has only grown longer since then; if you haven’t gotten around to watching the first season yet, you have until the 27th to do it.

Christina P: Mother Inferior

We listed a lot of scary, gory entertainment above, but even the biggest horror fans need to decompress after a bloody good time. Since Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra, we’ve been waiting for the next female comic to grace the Netflix stage. Good news – your girl Christina P. is coming in hot on October 10th. Christina P: Mother Inferior is an honest and hilarious take on pregnancy, motherhood, and being a woman, taped in Seattle in June 2017 as her debut stand-up special. In addition to her stand-up, Christina also co-hosts a podcast, Your Mom’s House, with her husband Tom Segura, who is also a comedian. She also hosts a solo podcast called That’s Deep Bro, where she answers listener emails and explores the psychology of life. Mark your calendars for the 10th if you’ve been aching for a break from the gloom of fall–and maybe even start on one of Christina P’s podcasts while you wait.