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We Can’t Wait for the Netflix Original Series Premiering This Month

Aug 2, 2017

We Can’t Wait for the Netflix Original Series Premiering This Month


Friends will always be there for you—if you wait long enough, you’ll forget what happened at the beginning and you can watch the series over and over and over again. For those of us trying to break the vicious cycle, however, Netflix’s rapid-fire succession of original series premieres this month is definitely going to be enough to keep us busy through the steamiest month of the year. From 2000s throwbacks to superhero sequels to Kathy Bates as a weed queen, Netflix gets more creative every month—and August is no exception.

The Defenders

It’s been a full two months since Wonder Woman and we know you super freaks are getting antsy. Netflix has your superhero needs covered with The Defenders, scheduled to be released on August 18th—the miniseries features many of the actors from Marvel’s Daredevil and Iron Fist, two separate superhero series also created for Netflix. The Defenders stars Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, Finn Jones, and Elodie Yung as the members of the latest superhero squad. If you’ve been waiting for further character development of your favorite heroes, The Defenders is the perfect complement to Daredevil and Iron Fist, so gather all your superhuman binge-watching strength for the next episode of the saga.


Kathy Bates is casting her net wide with her latest role in Disjointed, a Netflix series premiering August 25th. Bates plays Ruth, a woman who has advocated for marijuana legalization her whole life and who runs Ruth’s Alternative Caring, a cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles. Created by Bates and writer Chuck Lorre, the pot comedy is one of the most promising LA shows we’ve seen in a while—the cast of characters also includes three “budtenders” who work at the dispensary (Dougie Baldwin, Elizabeth Ho and Elizabeth Alderfer) Ruth’s son (Aaron Moten) and a security guard who served in Afghanistan (Tone Bell).

Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later

Netflix easily wins best reunion of the summer with this 8-episode series, bringing together the all-star cast of the 2001 film Wet Hot American Summer to relive Camp Firewood’s glory days. Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Wiig and the rest of the gang come together for the same nonsense as before, both from the original film and in the 2015 TV series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp. If you’ve been dying to relive your sticky summer gig as a camp counselor this August, Netflix has heard your cry.


Atypical follows the narrative of Sam, played by Keir Gilchrist—ticking the box for Netflix’s quirky coming-of-age story for the summer. Created by Robia Rashid, the show and its cast strive to portray a realistic but light take on Sam’s struggles as a young boy on the autism spectrum and to highlight situations that we all face, autistic or not. As Sam moves through high school, he asks all the normal questions and thinks all the usual thoughts that we all have at some point or another—“I hope I get to see boobs someday” and “Can I return the condoms if they don’t fit?”