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Impact Articles

WWW. (06.05.17)

Jun 9, 2017

WWW. (06.05.17)

Every week we search the internet to bring you the best headlines—all in one place.


Did Girlfriend’s Texts Push Teen to Take His Own Life?

This is one of those true crime story is so dramatic and bizarre that it’s hard to believe, so we can’t help but be fascinated. A 17-year-old girl named Michelle Carter is currently on trial for allegedly convincing her boyfriend, via text message, to take his own life. One of the texts discovered reads, “You need to do it, Conrad.” Should we consider this a murder or suicide? We’re not sure, but we’d definitely watch that Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode.


Who Do You Want Elisabeth Moss to Be?

Elisabeth Moss has received plenty of acclaim for her acting. She’s really good at playing a rebel and perhaps her latest role as June in The Handmaid’s Tale is her best yet, but who is the star off-screen when she isn’t reading off a script? Elle gets acquainted with Elizabeth, the person, in this good-humored, intimate profile.

Via 1843

Why Mr. Gay Syria Is a Winner

Mr. Gay Syria is a documentary that should be required viewing, especially during this global political climate. It follows the search for a Syrian representative for the pageant, Mr. Gay World and what happens is a heartfelt and eye opening glimpse at these individuals’ bravery. Read the review to learn more.


‘Lordy, I Hope There Are Tapes’: Highlights Of James Comey’s Testimony

Even though James Comey is no longer apart of the FBI, he has been in the headlines a lot lately. He’s been in the headlines so much, that you may not know absolutely all the intricacies of why his name is ruling the news cycle. This NPR article lays out of the highlights of what happened during his intense testimonial about his tumultuous relationship with our current president.

The First Trailer for Broad City Season Four is Here 

It’s finally here. Our first teaser of what’s to come on season 4 of Broad City is now available for all our viewing pleasure. Judging from this two-minute preview, we’re going to go ahead and predict it’s as funny and wacky the episodes we keep playing on repeat. Two takeaways that are helping us sleep cozy at night?  Hannibal Burress is back and we’ll learn how Abbi and Bevers first met. If only August could come sooner.

Via Comedy Central