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WWW (10.02.17)

Oct 7, 2017

WWW (10.02.17)

Every week we search the internet to bring you the best headlines—all in one place.


St. Vincent’s New Music Video “Los Angeles”

St. Vincent’s quick follow-up to “New York” is brimming with a familiar attention to color and style but is much less a love song as it is a testament to Los Angeles’ appearance-based culture.

Via YouTube

Here’s How Breitbart and Milo Smuggled Nazi and White Nationalist Ideas Into The Mainstream

We all remember when Trump tweeted threats to cut funding to the best ranked public university in the US after the Milo protest, which became violent not through student participation but through intervention by the anarchist group, Antifa. Well, many months later, BuzzFeed has a surprise for us all. Breitbart and its major contributors, Milo included, have actively and intentionally worked to build the alt-right and spread White Nationalism–shocking isn’t it? A particularly well-researched piece by BuzzFeed–check it out.

Via BuzzFeed News

Twitter Will Never Get Better 

The implementation of 280 character tweets for a select few tweeters has been big news lately, particularly in the way that it’s created artificial status in an otherwise democratized online space. Twitter cofounders are catching fire for creating arbitrary improvements, while refusing to provide any kind of protection from the harassment and verbal abuse Twitter is famous for. Read more about the problem that will likely never improve here.

Via GQ

How Two New Movies Prove to
Be Quietly Radical in Their D
epiction of Gay Relationships

Finally, not one but two recent films are choosing to depict sexuality, “not as an issue, a problem or even the defining facet of a character’s life, but an organic, un-neurotic piece of a larger whole.” Battle of the Sexes and Professor Marston and the Wonder Women are two to look forward to. Who knows? At this rate, maybe someday soon the Bechdel Test will be a thing of the past.

Via Washington Post

The Top Ten Moments of Paris Fashion Week

For your viewing pleasure.

Via New York Times