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Buttermilk ™ RoundUp .01

Dec 7, 2017

Buttermilk ™ RoundUp .01


Every week we’ll share news, recipes, op-eds, memes, and everything in between, all food related and curated by Buttermilk™.

Drinking fountains in Paris serve sparkling water now, a restaurant for the blind opened in NYC, and weed products are finally looking cool…

Buttermilk ™ RoundUp .01

In an effort to encourage less waste and more water drinking, Paris now offers bubbles on tap at many drinking fountains (classique Paris.) Chilled to 44°F and gassed up perfect for shooting back in the Perrier bottle you saved from earlier.


Apparently, you won’t miss the cheese in this sweet potato quesadillas recipe. Many are apprehensive about this main ingredient, but author and recipe guru J. Kenji López-Alt and his weird ass name haven’t led us astray yet. We should all be eating more sweet potatoes anyway.





It’s nice that we’re starting to see weed products actually look cool, I like Pure Beauty for smoking and Mary Joe, a new brand doing CBD infused cold brew in a cute bottle designed by graffiti god Barry McGee. It sips smooth yet strong, just how a cold brew should be. Find it in Los Angeles at my new favorite shop Mister Green.



New York pizza people “Roberta’s” known for their Supreme-like collaborations and pop-ups, just popped up in Culver City for the rest of December at the slowly but surely growing Platform space. Walk quickly past the Sweetgreen and head to the back corner where Roberta’s is set up. Ggrab some wine next door at Hayden while you wait, curated by one of LA’s finest wine brains and eggslut relative Anthony Cailan.

A quick Youtube search for “flax crackers” should yield a bunch of keto diet workout bro recipes, but our favorite dad-joke rinsing chef, John from “Food Wishes,” shows us just how easy it can be to make a crunchy cracker at home with just flax seeds and water. I mean, I thought it was cool.


The fight against LA Weekly’s new questionable owners rages on. Now on the food front, outspoken former writer and beloved twitterer, Otto Von Biz Markie, urges restaurants to pull out of an upcoming LA Weekly “Sips & Sweets” event, perhaps we should all be boycotting


The New York Times shared a sweet story about NYC’s “Malibu Diner,” a random booth-lined diner in Chelsea that somehow became a sanctuary for the blind. Cutting up food orders for customers, playing music on speakers outside to guide the less-abled in, plus some really cute guide dog photos.