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The Ultimate Foodie Holiday Gift Guide

Dec 5, 2017

The Ultimate Foodie Holiday Gift Guide


Buttermilk ™ Holiday Gift Guide

Buttermilk is a celebration of food & innovation within the food industry.

Everybody has a Holiday Gift Guide, here’s Buttermilk’s. Many items are made here in Los Angeles, but they’re all available to be shipped anywhere. We’ve got items for all the foodies out there, ranging from under $10 to over $850 but even the broke boy stocking stuffers are A+.

RoccBox - $599

This at home pizza oven is by far the best we’ve ever used, it takes awhile, but can get up to 900 degrees! Gas or wood burning options are available – it sits anywhere, looks cool, and can make a very respectable proper Neapolitan style pizza in 60 seconds, bubbly charred crust and everything. Use it to roast veggies, sear steaks in a cast iron, or just get your Jon & Vinny on.

Check it out


Aroma Digital Rice Cooker / Food Steamer - $29.92

Rice cookers have come a long way, and much like flat screen TV’s, they’re somehow cheaper than they should be. This guy is all digital, super easy to use, can steam veggies or fish perhaps but then your rice cooker might smell like fish. If you get it on Amazon, be a good friend and bundle it with this rice washer basket for 6 bucks, because nobody is washing their rice enough.

So Steamy 

Le Creuset 10 Piece Stainless Steel Set - $850.00

Known for their legendary and expensive cast iron cookware, Le Creuset also makes a dazzling chrome finish stainless steel set. Deciding on your own “Creuset color,” and slowly building a collection of ugly orange pots over the years is a home chef’s rite of passage, but some people can’t handle that kind of color decision.

Stay Shinin’ 

Matfer Nylon Bowl Scraper - $6.80

I got one of these as a gift earlier in the year and it just sat there because I don’t really bake much, but after awhile I started using it as much as my chef’s knife. Cleaning my counter top, scooping up a bunch of diced onions for the pot, saving the life of my kitchen sponge by doing a pre-scrape on tough dishes, I love these lil guys.

Joe’s Stone Crab Key Lime Pie - $68.95 [delivered]

If you haven’t been, Joe’s Stone Crab is one of my favorite restaurants in Miami, an institution really. When the stone crabs are in season, and you’re on your 3rd night without sleep at Basel, Joe’s always helps reset my brain. If you love key lime pie, used to live in Miami, or just like mysterious packages, Joe’s will overnight ship their pie. Make sure you have your camera ready for the dramatic dry ice unboxing video.

So Creamy

Grist & Toll Flour - $9.00-$100.00

We’re all starting to learn that bread made us all sick because the flour was shit, now bakers like LA’s beloved Bub & Grandma’s have been reaching for high quality artisan grains like these to make their flour, and for just a couple dollars more, feel a lot better. If you’re in LA, stop by their store and see their cool wooden mill, or just order some grains online and start with a chill Pita perhaps.

Gluten Queen 

Frosted Melon Ceramic Pour Over Filter - $186.00

Eunbi makes all kinds of amazing ceramic stuff here in LA, lots of weed stuff, but these beautiful & expensive pour over filters would make a lovely gift for your ceramic loving friend, get this plastic one for $8 if you’re on a budget.

Po’ it Up

Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill - $34.97

Grinding beans right before you brew with a burr grinder is one of the most important things you can do to step your coffee game up, but good electric grinders can get really pricey. This hand grinder is affordable and helps get a little workout in the morning to wake you up until you can afford a big boy.

Get Your Grinder On 

Vanilla Bean Dark Rum Liquor Cake - $49.00 [overnight shipping available]

I’ve been eating these cakes for the last few years, handmade here in LA, delicious, moist, and beautiful bundt cakes completely overflowing with alcohol. If you ate a whole one, you’d for sure get drunk, the last bottom inch is completely soaked in rum. They’re great for that week between Christmas and New Years where nobody works, and suddenly catching a breakfast buzz with your coffee sounds like a totally normal thing to do. Other flavors this year: dark chocolate bourbon, dark chocolate stout, lemon vodka, dark chocolate peppermint Kahluha.
Order direct at

The below recommendations are from Chris Black [ @donetodeathprojects ]

Hermes Bottle Opener - $1,275.00

Whether you’re still spending that old money, or you need to impress your girlfriend’s scary dad, reach for this silver-plated Hermes bottle opener / fancy murder weapon.

Ed Ruscha Apron - £75

This limited edition apron features the recipe for Ed’s Cactus Omelette a pretty gross but interesting sounding dish he made quite often while staying at his desert home near Joshua Tree, tastefully screen printed on the front.

Le Labo “Hinoki” Hand Soap - $22.00

For when you’re ready to graduate from Murphy’s, but $40 for the Aesop ain’t gonna work just yet. Also a great gift for your boyfriend whose bathroom sucks and needs to start stepping it up.

Sud Buddy 

Morgenstern’s Mug - $10.00

If you don’t have time to wait in line for New York’s most chic ice cream shop, you can sip your pour over like so.