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CEO Verified .06

Sep 11, 2018

CEO Verified .06


How to matter and make impact.

Whether it’s interviewing for a job or promotion, the most important question you should be asking yourself is, what added value do I bring to this person, people, or company? It’s important for both employees and managers to bring motivation and value to the workplace: to foster an environment of reciprocal trust, consistency, and a commitment to shared success. Each member of the company should always come bearing gifts in order to truly help, contribute, and distinguish themselves in any professional environment. Here is an article, podcast, and book to help you explore how to make impact. 

How to find meaning during your pursuit of happiness at work

This one is all about one of the great questions in life: do you have to choose between personal fulfillment and professional employment? This piece argues that being a “giver,” rather than a “taker” in the workplace is important, and emphasizes the need for work-life balance and the importance of a social, rather than stressful, office environment. Jessica Amortegui writes, “[Good] days include at least six hours of social time. In fact, even three hours of social time reduces the chances of having a bad day by 10%. Meaning is made in moments, and what matters most is the people we create those moments with.”

How to get a job in venture capital

This Recode podcast features Haycode’s Semil Shah, discussing how he has built himself up into one of the most successful VCs at only five years in the industry. He is careful to note that, as I mentioned in my intro, working with people who bring value is very important, ensuring you work with people “who you believe in,” is equally if not more necessary. The bulk of the podcast is a very technical breakdown of how venture capitalism firms work internally, as well as the direction the industry is heading in as a whole. As Shah notes, “The interesting academic question is, is it better to start off as VC early then grow into growth and then have a crossover capability? Or is it better to start over in public and work down?”

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, is all about adjusting your mindset to find success, according to the most recent psychology. It is well-received by Amazon readers and the self-help community alike, with the author of Nurtureshock writing that is “one of the most influential books ever about motivation,” and Guy Kawasaki, the author of The Art of the Start 2.0 insisting that if you are a manager or parent, “drop everything and read Mindset.”