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Art Articles

Brittney Scott, Artist

Oct 2, 2017

Brittney Scott, Artist


When it comes to art that is unique, whimsical, and expressed freely, Brittney Scott’s name is synonymous. The intersection of technology and social media is what first catapulted Brittney’s work into the public eye and she’s an unmistakable voice both online and off.

Get To Know Brittney Scott


The internet caught wind of Brittney Scott when she infused technology and social media to create Microsoft paint-style portrait drawings she made on her phone. Through the rising popularity of these sketches, imaginative and effortless depictions of people that were cosigned by industry notables and tastemakers alike, Brittney was able to cultivate a career fueled by creativity. Her penchant for discovering and mastering new mediums is innate; she is an expert in harnessing her curiosities and making something tangible out of them. Over the course of the past year alone, Brittney translated some of her digital drawings into neon pieces for a solo exhibition, designed prints for a clothing collaboration with Print All Over Me, and shot a clothing look book at Milk Studios, which happened to be her first foray into digital studio photography.

Brittney is ever-evolving, thoughtful, and always makes a statement. Her steadfast belief in human equality comes across in her work and in the way she lives her daily life. She’s markedly passionate about social issues, the environment, and animal rights, which has lead her to become an unmistakable voice in her community both online and off—her reach and influence extending to her thousands of followers as easily as it extends to her own circle.

We spent the day with Brittney in Koreatown where we participated in a few of her favorite activities – enjoying nature, exploring, and singing sugary pop songs in a kitschy Karaoke club. In this WestwoodWestwood exclusive, Brittney provides us with insight into how she stays happy, healthy, and grounded, and with sincerity and compassion, urges everyone to try their best to do the same.


Tips From Brittney

Sometimes, it's all about feeling good—and Brittney Scott shares what helps her feel the best, from therapy to avoiding sugar to petting animals.